About Us

TwentyOne14 is a Los Angeles based media collective that seeks to inspire action. 

Our goal is to represent a dedication to self-initiative, justice, unity and humanity. We seek to vibrate at a higher level.

We strive to embody all that we are and aspire to be and communicate that through quality art, media and events made for all to experience and enjoy.

We aspire to craft visions that expands what it means to be a voice in this changing world — forward motion, independence and resistance.

We also work to create and share art and other media — either created by or featuring artists and change makers who are dedicated to pursuing a unified and multi-cultural global community.

It is important to remember that we are trendsetters and we possess a value that cannot be compromised. Our eye is focused squarely on “Ascension,” fundamentally attributed to the experiences and things that elevate us all.

We vow to represent our images and culture with honor and respect. We are one. We are you.